Fife Tourism Partnership

Toolkit for Land-based businesses

19 December 2022

Kerry Hammond  from SAC Consulting, part of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), has developed a six-part toolkit for prospective, new and existing land-based tourism businesses.

From farm shops to wedding venues or forest bathing to event spaces, the options for starting a new land-based tourism business are endless.
The opportunities for diversification have this week been boosted by a £442,000 Scottish Government programme to drive the economic growth of the agritourism sector. And, a recent study by VisitScotland found the retail value of agritourism has increased by almost £50 million in the past year.
However, for many farmers, crofters or landowners in Scotland looking to diversify, the problem is where to start, what options they have and what skills or qualifications are needed.
The toolkit, which was funded by the University Innovation Fund, is divided into six sections and outlines the different types of businesses, recommended skills and relevant course providers.

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