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The Scottish Bread Championship 2023 will be held at Bowhouse in Fife during Real Bread Week

13 January 2023

The Scottish Bread Championship 2023 has moved and will be held at Bowhouse in the
East Neuk of Fife during Real Bread Week (18th to 26th February 2023). Bowhouse near St
Monans is a well known Food Hub for small food businesses and producers to collaborate,
and as such is the ideal location for such a Championship.

Scotland The Bread and Scottish Food Guide continue as sponsors and we are delighted the
Championship has also received sponsorship from The Edinburgh Bakers Trust, a
registered charity whose purpose is the advancement of baking education, arts, heritage,
culture and science, whose core activity is to award small grants to bakers and other related

Judging will take place on Thursday 23rd February at Bowhouse with a dozen or so
eminent judges including chefs, grain experts and representatives from the Real Bread
Campaign. New for 2023 is “The People’s Bread,” a loaf made to Scotland The Bread’s
‘People’s Bread’ standard for a well-fermented loaf, made with a high proportion of locallymilled organic Scottish-grown grain, aimed at producing a nutritious, affordable and
accessible bread for everybody.

Another new class for this year’s Championship is Sourdough Pastries, aimed at celebrating
the skill of Scotland’s artisan bakers who use traditional long fermentation methods to
produce favourites such as croissants and Danish pastries. Entries in this category can be
sweet or savoury and must comply with the Real Bread Campaign’s definition of ‘real
sourdough’ that excludes added baker’s yeast and chemical leavening agents as well as the
additives and processing aids that are commonly used in industrial bread products.

The Championship Results will be announced on Saturday 25th February at the
inaugural Scottish Real Bread Festival at Bowhouse. Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates
will be awarded, with one overall Supreme Champion and a Reserve Champion. Previous
winners were Wild Hearth Bakery, Comrie and Company Bakery, Edinburgh.

The Scottish Real Bread Festival will be a celebration of all things bread and bread-related
with presentations and displays, stalls and talks, workshops and debates, with a full
programme issued in due course on Scotland The Bread and Scottish Food Guide websites.

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