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The Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC) Launches EmbraceScotlandSummer Marketing Campaign to Boost Self-Catering Bookings

5 June 2024

The Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC) is thrilled to announce the launch of
its latest marketing campaign: Embrace Authentic Scotland: Stay, Eat, and Explore
Beyond the Ordinary, designed to “awaken the wanderlust” in visitors this summer and
support self-catering operators in filling bookings throughout the shoulder season and
summer. This initiative spans from cities to coastal havens and rural retreats, inviting
potential visitors to uncover the true essence of Scotland - a land where picturesque
landscapes meet vibrant community culture, rich culinary heritage, and warm-hearted

Scotland offers more than just stunning scenery; it embodies authenticity, inviting
visitors to develop meaningful connections with nature, culture, and community.
Whether seeking profound escapism, a connection with the local environment and
people, or simply indulging in family fun and delicious local cuisine, visitors crave
authentic experiences that transcend mere observation.

Central to this new summer marketing campaign is the concept of slow exploration,
promoting the leisurely pace of self-catering holidays. Amidst Scotland's diverse
landscapes, visitors have the freedom to unwind, savour local flavours, and engage in
community events - all without the need to rush or travel far. This approach aligns with
the Priorities and Mission outlined in Scotland Outlook 2030: celebrating passionate
people, thriving places, diverse businesses, and memorable experiences while delivering
the very best for our visitors, our businesses, our people, our communities, and our

In line with the recent VisitScotland Domestic Sentiment Tracker, we are pleased to note
that for the third consecutive year, demand for self-catering holidays has increased. This
trend highlights the growing appeal of self-catering accommodation among visitors
seeking authentic and immersive experiences.

Through compelling storytelling and inspiring content, the campaign aims to awaken
wanderlust by encouraging visitors to explore Scotland's lesser-known corners at their
own pace. By tapping into local knowledge and building deeper connections with the
destination, we invite visitors to create lasting memories and forge meaningful bonds
with Scotland's communities, exploring “Beyond the Ordinary.”

Visitors will be directed to the EmbraceScotland consumer website, where they can find
inspiring content highlighting the many self-catering businesses, destinations, and
experiences across Scotland. This platform showcases the unique offerings of self-
catering accommodation, encouraging visitors to immerse themselves fully in the
Scottish experience.

Fiona Campbell, Chief Executive of the Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers
(ASSC), said: “We are incredibly excited about the launch of our summer marketing
campaign, Embrace Authentic Scotland. At a time when tourism in Scotland is
unpredictable and trends are showing an increase in last-minute bookings, this campaign
is crucial for our members. With fierce competition from overseas travel, it has never
been more important to highlight the unique and authentic experiences that Scotland
offers. Our self-catering operators are at the heart of this initiative, and we are
committed to supporting them by showcasing the rich cultural and natural heritage that
makes Scotland a truly exceptional destination.”

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