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Scottish Agritourism Growth Tracker 2022

14 June 2022

Take part in the annual agritourism survey

Scotland’s farms, crofts and estates are being invited to take part in the 2022 Scottish Agritourism Growth Tracker survey to help build a better understanding of what support is required to grow the country’s agritourism sector.

In recent years, particularly during the pandemic, agritourism has become a growing travel trend with visitors seeking out authentic rural experiences that connect them to the countryside and Scotland’s natural larder.

Agritourism in Scotland is defined as tourism or leisure on a farm or croft that produces food or offers holiday experiences and both currently operating agritourism businesses as well as existing farming businesses that are considering adding extra value to their current agricultural operations are invited to fill out this survey.

The survey closes on 3 July 2022 12am BST.

Why businesses should fill out the survey

The aim of the survey is to create a clear picture of the country’s agritourism offering and the impact the sector has on the Scottish economy. By filling out the survey each year, businesses can help to build a clear understanding of what is needed to support and continue to grow the sector.

Last year’s inaugural Scottish Agritourism Growth Tracker revealed that as well as the opportunity for strong economic growth, the industry played a key role in sustaining and creating rural jobs, supporting vital family employment, and providing equal and inclusive roles for men and woman across various ages and skill levels.

The tracker also found that if targets for the industry's new strategy are achieved, the combined value of agritourism and farm retail in 2030 would be around a quarter of a billion pounds (£250 million) and support almost 10,000 full time jobs.

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