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Industry Update: The Cycling World Championships are coming to Scotland – Travel and Transport Information for Businesses

26 June 2023

The Cycling World Championships are being held in Scotland from 3 to 13 August. With over 8,000 cyclists and more than 1 million spectators expected, the Championships will shine a spotlight on Scotland. Events at venues will be held in Glasgow, Glentress Forest and Nevis Range. Events on the road network will be held in Glasgow, Perthshire, Dundee, Stirling, Dumfries, between Balloch and Glasgow and between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Also across the Queensferry Crossing and West Fife.

Hosting an event of this scale will have an impact on the day to day running of the transport network. Our road and public transport network will be much busier than normal and there will also be some road closures associated with the event which might affect your business.

Get Prepared

As the region gets ready for the Championships, now is the perfect time to start planning so that your business, your staff, your customers and visitors are ready too. Different locations will be affected on different days, at different times and with different impacts.

Top Tips

Plan ahead

-Get your business ready to avoid disruption
-Consider how your staff, visitors, customers and others will be affected and what that means for your business
-Provide information to your customers and visitors in advance of their visit to help them plan their travel

Spread the love

-Share information and advice with staff, visitors and customers
-Work together with your customers to identify the best ways to avoid disruption to deliveries

Prepare for deliveries and servicing

-Work together with your supply and delivery chain to identify the best ways to avoid disruption to deliveries
-Consider the timing of deliveries – avoid the queues and travel outside of peak event times
-Consider reducing or consolidating deliveries where possible
-Carry out any routine servicing or maintenance before or after the Championships

Travel at a different time?

-Avoid the queues and travel outside of event start and end times where possible

Travel in a different way?

-Your normal method of transport might not be the best way to travel during the Championships
-Certain modes of transport will be a lot busier than others. For local journeys, walking or cycling may be the best option

Travel by a different route?

-Certain locations will be a lot busier than others on particular days. Can staff or business travel journeys be rerouted to avoid disruption?

Stay in the know

-We will be providing updates in the lead up to the Championships including information on day, times and locations which will be busy and road closures.

Visit the Cycling World Championships website to find out more about the Championships and check out the dedicated pages for local businesses here

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