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Extension applicable to existing short-term let hosts / operators

9 December 2022

Existing short-term let hosts / operators will have more time to apply for a licence after plans for a one-off extension were announced.

The Scottish Government has said it plans to extend the timeframe for the short-term let licensing scheme by six months. This is subject to parliamentary approval, expected in early 2023.

If approved, existing hosts will have up until 1 October 2023 to apply for a short-term let licence.

The change for existing hosts recognises the impact of the wider economic circumstances on tourism businesses.

New short-term let hosts / operators

The six-month extension does not apply to new hosts.

New operators of short-term let accommodation must have a licence before taking any bookings. This also applies to existing operators who establish new short-term let accommodations. 

The short-term let licensing scheme

The licensing scheme aims to ensure consistent safety standards while reinforcing the positive reputation of Scottish tourism and hospitality.

To comply with the licence, hosts are required to meet a set of mandatory conditions which apply across Scotland, plus any additional conditions set by their council.

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