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Dundee City Region Convention Bureau Opportunity

17 January 2024

Exclusive Offers Programme

The Dundee City Region Convention Bureau collaborates with various national and international conferences hosted in the region. As part of our commitment to promote the destination, the Bureau works closely with the organisers to set up conference communications, including destination promotion leading up to the event.

To encourage delegates to explore the region, we have created Explore Presentations for each region. You can see an example of Fife by clicking HERE.

In 2023, attendees of the EFYE conference had access to a range of exclusive offers with the help of numerous local suppliers. You can view these offers HERE.

Building on this success, the Bureau is creating an all-year-round exclusive offers programme that will be available to any conference and its attendees visiting the region.

The region is set to host 14 international conferences in 2024, supported by Dundee City Region Convention Bureau. Over 2825 international delegates are expected to attend, staying for 3-5 nights, with an estimated worth of £4,898,140 (not including extended stays). You can find a full list of upcoming conferences on the "Find Your Conference" page.

We hope you will engage in the Exclusive Offers Programme and help us encourage attendees and their accompanying friends and family to take the time to explore and spend more time in the region.

Closing date for call for offers: Wednesday, 31 January 2024

Use this link to submit your Exclusive Offer:

If you have any questions about the Exclusive Offers Programme or need help filling out the form, please contact Debbie,

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