Fife Tourism Partnership

Domestic Sentiment Tracker

7 August 2023

The latest tracking research on UK residents' holiday intentions. This includes perceptions relating to the cost-of-living crisis, and industry specific insights.


  • The Domestic Sentiment Tracker has been running since May 2020. It explores the likelihood of UK residents to travel both within the UK (and abroad) and when and where they plan to go
  • The study started as one that tracked intentions during the pandemic. It's now evolved to exploring the impact of new barriers such as the cost-of-living crisis on sentiment and the propensity to travel. The research also looks at future intentions to take trips
  • The research is commissioned by VisitEngland, VisitScotland and Visit Wales and is conducted by BVA BDRC
  • Reports are available at a UK level and at a Scotland level
  • The latest report for Scotland looks at UK residents planned travel for the period July to September 2023. It also looks ahead to October to December 2023. The report looks at those who state they intend to visit Scotland and also the intentions of those resident in Scotland. Further information on the methodology is available within the report to download

Read and download the report here.

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