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Boating Tourism in Scotland: Survey of Marina, Harbour & Mooring Operators

1 August 2022

Scotland has an ambition to be a leader in sustainable marine tourism, supporting our coastal and island communities, protecting our natural environment, and making a sizeable contribution to the economy. Within this, sailing and leisure boating tourism has a hugely important role to play.

Undertaken every six years, the Boating Tourism in Scotland survey provides vital evidence on how the boating tourism sector is performing in Scotland. EKOS have been commissioned by British Marine Scotland, alongside a range of other partners, to undertake this study.

The aim is to ensure that our sector and businesses have quality, robust data when making funding applications, leading delivery of our strategy, or simply planning business operations. Previous EKOS studies, undertaken in 2009 and 2016, in parallel with Scotland's two marine tourism strategies, have been used to support a number of developments. Over £85m of public sector marine tourism-based projects in Scotland have, or will over the next few years, deliver more and improved berthing facilities on our coasts and waterways.

As the operator of a boating facility, British Marine Scotland are seeking your help in gathering information on the sailing and leisure boating market and issues that will affect its future success. The following questionnaire asks for information about your current capacity and level of demand. British Marine Scotland will also ask for some information about 2019, in order to assess the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the sector.

The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. There is an option to save your response and return to it at a later time. The survey will close in early September 2022.

Survey of Marina, Harbour & Mooring Operators

Charter hire survey

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