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ASSC Facilitates a Pioneering Partnership between and Springboard, Ushering a New Era of Sustainable Tourism in Scotland

16 August 2023

Springboard, a leading UK charity that promotes employability in the hospitality industry, and, an ethical home-sharing platform known for innovation, are delighted to reveal their partnership. The union, which has received endorsement and support from the Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC), is set to significantly change the sustainable tourism landscape in Scotland.

Our commitment to advancing the lives of those seeking employment in the hospitality industry aligns seamlessly with’s vision for a fairer tourism model. The agreement sees us becoming the official social project for in Scotland, the perfect match for’s commitment to ethical, sustainable, and responsible tourism in the region. is unique in the home-sharing arena. By allowing hosts to choose a social project to donate half of the commission fees, ensures that the benefits of tourism extend to the local community. In this case, Springboard is set as the official social project for Scotland, poised to receive funds generated by the partnership.

Alongside offering accommodation, also offers the platform for local experiences, allowing hosts to offer authentic activities and giving guests a chance to truly immerse in the local culture, thus providing a holistic approach to tourism.

The ASSC, serving over 1,700 members operating self-catering properties across Scotland, has been instrumental in facilitating this game-changing alliance. Endorsing to its members, the ASSC is dedicated to advocating for a model of tourism that is sustainable, responsible, and beneficial to all stakeholders, aligning perfectly with the ethos of

Fiona Campbell, Chief Executive of the ASSC, commented on the development: “The ASSC is proud to endorse this collaborative approach towards sustainable tourism in Scotland. We believe that such partnerships can greatly benefit our communities, guests, and the broader tourism economy.”

Rob Dickson, Director of Industry & Destination Development at VisitScotland, said, “This initiative, which provides visitors the opportunity to support communities beyond their stay, is a welcome addition to the accommodation sector. The decision by ASSC to choose Springboard as the charity recipient is a lovely example of Scottish tourism being a force for good by providing jobs and empowering communities.”

Kelly Johnstone, COO of Springboard, commented: “Springboard is delighted to join the innovative partnership with Fairbnb and ASSC across Scotland. Supporting communities is part of our own objectives through getting people into work, alleviating poverty, and reducing unemployment through the work we do in schools and with people looking for work. We are excited to be supporting a great sustainable tourism initiative where we can champion the industry while also attracting new talent to it".

Emanuele Dal Carlo, President of “Scotland is a destination like no other; it’s a place where ancient traditions and rich cultural heritage blend with stunning landscapes. We at, are incredibly honoured to start operating in this community in collaboration with both Springboard and the Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC). The ASSC’s commitment to fostering a sustainable and responsible tourism industry, in harmony with the diverse communities and unique ecosystems of Scotland, aligns perfectly with our vision at Springboard’s impactful work in boosting employability within the hospitality industry further underlines the potential of our shared efforts. Together, we aim to enhance Scotland’s tourism sector, focusing on a model that not only celebrates the beauty of this vibrant land and its traditions but also ensures the benefits of tourism reach those who need it most.”

With a shared vision for an equitable and sustainable tourism industry, this alliance holds immense promise for a new era in Scottish tourism. Together,, Springboard, and ASSC aim to pave the way for a model of tourism that puts the community, the environment, and the benefits to local economies at the heart of its operation.

While is still a startup at the beginning of a challenging journey, the ASSC fully endorses its mission. It encourages small landlords in particular to join, understanding that the shared sustainability rules and localised practices advocated by the platform align with ASSC’s commitment to the prosperity of the self-catering sector and the future of Scotland’s tourism, Springboard, and ASSC all share a common goal: to nurture a vibrant and prosperous tourism sector in Scotland that benefits everyone – visitors, locals, and businesses alike.

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