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Edinburgh chamber of commerce have recently launched three new business support initiatives aimed at bolstering the growth and scalability of businesses within the Scottish ecosystem, in partnership with Scottish Enterprise. The programmes, offered at no cost, are open to Scottish companies with a workforce of 10 or more.

Programme 1: AI and Digital Capabilities: A Growth Catalyst for Scottish Businesses

This programme is designed to equip SMEs with a robust understanding of AI and digital technologies, along with the meta-skills required for effective implementation, including best practice in change management. This will support innovation, enhance scalability, and boost productivity within the participating organisations.

The programme is structured into three modules, delivered across nine interactive sessions. Read more here.

Programme 2: Creating a Strategy for Transformational Growth

This programme aims to support Scottish businesses to navigate the challenges of a hyper-competitive world by supporting transformational growth, helping to build resilience, increasing leadership ambition and risk appetite, and providing strategic support to enable participants to identify and maximise opportunities. Read more on this programme here.

Programme 3: Supporting the Net Zero Journey

This programme is designed to guide Scottish businesses towards achieving Net Zero emissions, aligning with the Scottish Government's 2045 target. We take participants through a five-stage journey, which includes the creation of a comprehensive Net Zero action plan tailored to each business. It also offers SMEs bespoke guidance on their journey towards Net Zero. This not only facilitates change within your organisation but can open up new opportunities within your supply chain. Read more here.

Applications are now open and can be made by completing an application form and emailing it to 

Application forms can be completed here:

Companies can apply for all three programmes but will need to complete separate application forms. 

Free consultancy support for Fife-based businesses

What does this involve?

Fife’s Specialist Business Advice programme can provide small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Fife that are looking to develop with up to 3 days of fully-funded consultancy support.

The Specialist Business Advice programme opens for applications on 1 April 2023. New applications will be accepted until 31 December 2024.

Tailored, expert advice is available from specialists across a range of topics.

Am I eligible?

Your business must be working with Business Gateway Fife to be considered for this programme. Your adviser will work with you to determine whether this support is suitable for your business.

Your business must be located in Fife to register with Business Gateway Fife.

Click HERE to find out more

Grants for Fife Business

What does this involve?

Fife Council’s SME Development Grant provides financial support to help Fife-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop and grow.

The grant opens for applications on 1 April 2023. The deadline to apply is 31 January 2025.

The fund provides a non-repayable grant of up to £2,850, or 100% of the eligible costs (whichever is lower), to cover costs in 6 eligible areas:

  • trade development
  • workforce upskilling
  • transition to net zero
  • research and development (R&D) and innovation support
  • agriculture business diversification
  • support for studies

Am I eligible?

Your business must be working with Business Gateway Fife to be considered for an SME Development Grant. Your adviser will work with you to determine whether this support is suitable for your business.

Your business must be located in Fife to register with Business Gateway Fife.

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Fife Start-Up Grant

What does this involve?

Fife Council’s Start-Up Grant can provide individuals who intend to start a business in Fife with up to £500 towards the costs involved in starting to trade. Eligible costs include things such as equipment, stock and certification.

The Start-Up Grant opens for applications on 1 April 2023. The deadline to apply is 31 January 2025.

Grants are offered at the discretion of a Business Gateway adviser, so you must be working with Business Gateway Fife to be considered.

The grant is paid retrospectively, so applicants will need to cover the costs upfront and then submit a claim with evidence of their expenditure to receive their grant.

Applications are completed by a Business Gateway adviser, then checked, signed and submitted by the business that's applying.

The Start-Up Grant is delivered by Business Gateway Fife on behalf of Fife Council and is fully funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

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SME Loan Scheme for Renewable or Energy Efficiency Projects

What does this involve?

The SME Loan Scheme offers small and medium-sized enterprises based in Scotland unsecured, interest-free loans of up to £100,000 for renewable or energy efficiency projects. You may be able to get up to £30,000 as cashback. This is on a first come basis. The loan funding is provided by the Scottish Government.

The funding is available to help you pay for energy and carbon-saving upgrades in your business.

This could include:

  • heating, ventilation, and air conditioning upgrades
  • renewable technologies such as replacing a boiler to one with an air source heat pump
  • improving insulation, draught-proofing, double or secondary glazing
  • installing LED lighting

Cashback - while funds last:

Through the scheme, SMEs installing eligible equipment could receive a 75% cashback grant up to £10,000 for renewable heat measures and a 75% cashback grant for energy efficiency measures up to £20,000. 

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DigitalBoost Health Check

What does this involve?

Complete a quick Digital Health Check to identify your digital skills and any gaps in your digital performance. Answer 12 quick questions about your business approach to:

  • information and communications technology
  • e-commerce
  • digital marketing strategy
  • digital marketing implementation

The results of your Digital Health Check will show you how you could use technology to improve your performance, profits and people.

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Fife Strategic Events Funding

Fife Council recognises the cultural and economic importance of events in Fife and we want to attract new events and also encourage existing events to grow. This programme will support new or existing events with the capacity to grow and the ability to generate significant economic benefits for the area, attract new visitors to Fife and increase Fife’s profile on the national or international stage.


  • Will you event attract a significant amount of visitors from outwith Fife?
  • Will your event benefit the local community?
  • Can you ensure long term sustainability?
  • Do you have a proven track record of organising successful events?
  • Will your event generate national or international media exposure?
  • Will your event add variety to Fife’s existing events portfolio?

To request an application form and application guidelines email


VisitScotland offers opportunities for industry groups in Scotland to get financial support through them and third parties. You can find information on funding, grants & programmes such as COVID-19 recovery funds from VisitScotland here.

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