Fife Tourism Partnership

VisitScotland Visitor Survey 2023

Fife's Tourism Insights from VisitScotland's Visitor Survey

We are pleased to share the latest results from VisitScotland visitor survey, which highlight Fife's outstanding appeal to tourists. Here are some key takeaways that showcase Fife's potential for businesses and investors in the tourism sector:

Natural Attractions: Visitors consistently praise Fife’s stunning landscapes, from its scenic coastal paths to its lush countryside. This natural beauty positions Fife as a prime location for eco-tourism and outdoor activities.

Historical Riches: Fife's rich historical heritage, including ancient castles and charming villages, attracts history enthusiasts and cultural tourists. This creates opportunities for businesses focused on heritage tourism and guided historical tours.

Culinary Delights: Fife's diverse and high-quality culinary offerings are a hit with visitors. Restaurants, cafes, and local food producers in Fife have a growing audience eager to experience the region's fresh, local cuisine.

Outdoor Adventure: With its vast outdoor spaces and diverse landscapes, Fife is a haven for adventure seekers. Activities such as hiking, cycling, and water sports are increasingly popular, offering numerous opportunities for adventure tourism businesses.

Cultural Vibrancy: Fife’s dynamic cultural scene, with its array of events and festivals, draws visitors year-round. There are ample opportunities for businesses to engage with this vibrant cultural tourism market.

Fife's strong visitor satisfaction and diverse attractions underline the region's robust potential for growth and investment in the tourism sector.